Monday, March 23, 2009


Well......I guess my first duty is to apologize for becoming slack, the past few weeks, in posting on my blog. I have no excuse, other than to say that every time I have sat down and intended to post my thoughts, something has come up. Thus, if you will be gracious enough to accept my apology, I will endeavor to become more faithful in sharing with you.

Faithful?? What a great word to express my thoughts for today. As I have just finished preaching through the book of Nehemiah, on Sunday AM; and, am continuing to take our church Book by Book through the Bible on Sunday PM, I keep running into the theme of faithfulness.

I learned a long time ago that the Bible is a book which chronicles the unfaithfulness of men, but the unconditional, unchanging, and unchallenged faithfulness of God. Man falls, but God does not forsake. Man sins, but God does not slip. Over and over again, humanity makes a mess, but God always finds a way to clean up the mess.


In the past few weeks, a couple of churches that are dear to my heart have experienced some level of indiscretion on the part of their pastoral leadership. Although I am not surprised by such things any more, I still find myself scratching my head in wonder that we, as men of God, can be so easily led astray. And every time that a man of God falls, there are those who use it as ammunition to shoot the cause of Christ.

Yet, the body of Christ, the kingdom of God, and the power of the Holy Spirit still marches on. God always raises men up to be His Elijah's, and always finds a way to communicate His message to a lost and dying world. Men with, or without, you and I, God will always have someone to "stand in the gap and make up the hedge." Why? Because God's faithfulness does not hinge, or is not affected, by our faithfulness.


Our love for Jesus is questioned, challenged, and put to the test every day of our lives. But, God's love for us is never in question; it is never challenged; and, it is never put to the test. His love is an unfailing love. His love is an undying love. His love in an unchallenged love. His love is an unexplainable love. His love is an unconditional love. I have no way to understand, explain, or grasp it; thus, all I can do is gratefully accept it.


I have heard preachers say, "God doesn't need us," but that is simply not true. God DOES need us to accomplish His work on earth. However, while God does need us; He DOES NOT HAVE TO USE US! If we refuse to make ourselves available to Him, He will always find someone to carry forth His work.

Thus, while we often times act as if we are doing God a favor by serving Him; in reality, God is doing us a favor by giving us the blessed privilege of laboring in His vineyard, and of proclaiming His "unsearchable riches." It has nothing to do with us, but is the result of a merciful, bountiful, and faithful God.

I can't speak for anyone else, but from my heart I can truly say.....


Because He Lives,

Pastor Steve